Where Your Hair is at its Best

All hair textures whether curly, straight, or wavy are treated equal. Stacey B. believes every Metro Woman should look and feel her best. She has set out to make over Orlandos Metro Woman one strand at a time.  Stacey is a Color & Texture Specialist. She is also a Wella Color Educator here in Florida & formerly in Texas & has been dedicated to the art of color since the beginning of her career in 1992. Training in California, Texas and Florida she states Block color, Dimensional color, and Foil Highlighting hair is my passion. Adding color to someones hair can change their whole appearance, boosting their self image.  Falling into hair by accident or on purpose, it was destiny, coming now so naturally. She closes her eyes, visualizing colors then mixing them up and applying the correct technique is a science which Stacey has mastered. Correcting home color can be difficult, she does it with the eye of a professional keeping the integrity of the hair as the top priority creating a unique look for every client.

Stacey emphasizes the need to educate all clients on maintaining healthy hair.  Of course  she offers more than just your average salon.

Blow-Out 101 is a class every Metro Woman should attend. How many times have you said I can’t get my hair to look the way my stylist does? Metro Woman this is the class for you. You bring all your tools & equipment from home and get 2 hours of one on one training. Learn tips to style like the pros. 

Lets face it. Few women are content with their hair. The average woman finds a little something to change. So what do we do? We fry it, dye it, perm it, iron it, curl it, relax it, spray it, chop it off, stretch it out, and on top of that we beat it up with the blow-dryer. StaceyB. believes your hair should always be at its best.